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awareness + activation campaign

The goal of this integrated awareness campaign was to tell as many people as possible how easy it is to safe a life in the event of a cardiac arrest and motivate them to action: “Check. Call. Press.”Anyone can do it. Our campaign caught the attention of the German Minister of Health (at that time Daniel Bahr) and the Ministry asked us for our collaboration to create a special joint event. Together, in 2013, we launched the first nationwide „Resuscitation Week“. Throughout Germany over 700 experts, doctors, paramedics, hospitals and medial centers engaged and participated on their own conduct. In Münster 12,000 students set the world record in receiving resuscitation training at the same time.


The campaign was an initiative of two organizations: the BDA (Association of German Anesthetists) and the DGAI (German Society for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care).





Materials created

  • campaign design
  • campaign logo
  • website
  • educational video
  • out of home
  • direct mailing
  • display banners
  • information flyer
  • giveaways
  • www.einlebenretten.de
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Ein Leben Retten Website


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