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a matter of the heart: a heart for young lifesavers


Rather than handing out Christmas gifts, we have for many years chosen instead to support a charitable institution or action – with a preference for projects associated with children. 
This year, the focus of our annual “matter of the heart” is literally the heart. Initiated by the Björn Steiger Foundation, the “Retten macht Schule” (lifesaving goes to school) project is part of the “Heart Safe Heidelberg” campaign. The goal of the project is to regularly train school children in grades 7 and up to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and to use a defibrillator. The aim is to awaken the lifesaver in every child. Heidelberg College is the first school in the city to put “Retten macht Schule” into action. Through our donation, we are sponsoring Heidelberg College and thus supporting the project over a ten-year period. We are delighted that kids can be taught about resuscitation in this way from a very early age.