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from the heart 3.000 euros for children’s aid projects

As thank you for the great commitment to our m+n Herzenssache-Aktion 2016, we supported two children’s aid projects this year. 

3,000 euros went to the association AIDS und Kinder e.V. Baden-Württemberg and to the project Smilebox of the Bahnhofshelfer in Mannheim.

mangler+noller Spendenübergabe Herzenssache 2016

Natice Orhan-Daibel (initiator of the Bahnhofshelfer of Mannheim), Kerstin Gross (volunteer of the Initiative Helfender Engel) as well as Elke Adler and Karin Schlicksupp (members of the board of the AIDS und Kinder e.V) came personally to the agency to accept the checks.  

Active support for children and families affected by AIDS
The association AIDS und Kinder e.V, based in Heidelberg, has been a central point of contact for affected children, teenagers and their families for over 27 years. The focus of their work is the direct, unbureaucratic assistance as well as the organization of get togethers, trips and seminars for affected families.

Age-appropriate toys for disadvantaged children
The Smilebox is a shoe box with necessary things and toys for disadvantaged children. The boxes are distributed to various facilities such as refugee shelters and children's homes in the region. The project is organized among others by the Bahnhofshelfer Mannheim and the Initivative Helfender Engel.
As a bearer of both initiatives serves Menschen in Not ohne Grenzen e.V.