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  • the future of plastics is bio-based: corporate branding for synvina

    BASF and Avantium came together in the newly founded joint venture Synvina - with the aim of commercializing a new type of plastic from renewable raw materials.

    In the field of renewable chemistry, Avantium pioneered the YXY Process®. This constitutes the basis for the production of the bio-based platform chemical furandicarboxylic acid (FDCS) and the bioplastic polyethylene furanoate (PEF). BASF, the world's leading chemical company, has strong manufacturing know-how and an excellent marketing network. As Synvina, the two partners are driving the commercialization of organic fructose-based plastics. There are many potential fields of application, from food packaging films and plastic bottles to textile fibers.

    To support the ambitious goal of the joint venture, we developed appropriate corporate branding that powerfully conveys the DNA of Synvina to the outside world.The logo dynamically combines two essential elements: plastic meets nature. At the same time, it symbolizes the strong partnership between Avantium and BASF. With the tagline "functional. sustainable. bioplastics." Synvina has positioned itself confidently and purposefully on the market.

    The total corporate branding landscape, including the website, is more than just a visual appearance. Rather, it aims to tell a success story of how nature and technology perfectly complement each other and how they combine to produce superior innovations. www.synvina.com


  • a matter of the heart: a heart for young lifesavers


    Rather than handing out Christmas gifts, we have for many years chosen instead to support a charitable institution or action – with a preference for projects associated with children. 
    This year, the focus of our annual “matter of the heart” is literally the heart. Initiated by the Björn Steiger Foundation, the “Retten macht Schule” (lifesaving goes to school) project is part of the “Heart Safe Heidelberg” campaign. The goal of the project is to regularly train school children in grades 7 and up to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and to use a defibrillator. The aim is to awaken the lifesaver in every child. Heidelberg College is the first school in the city to put “Retten macht Schule” into action. Through our donation, we are sponsoring Heidelberg College and thus supporting the project over a ten-year period. We are delighted that kids can be taught about resuscitation in this way from a very early age.

  • welcome razvan, christian and nastassja



    We’re growing and are excited to welcome three new team members:

    A native of Romania, Razvan Lazar is a master at creating stories and bringing them to life. He is passionate about shaping a brand’s look – for today and the future. As our new creative director strategy/design, he joins us with 10 years of international experience at Saatchi & Saatchi Bucharest. On top of that, he is a passionate photographer and artist and an endless source of creative inspiration. His technical skill and leadership qualities perfectly complement our team.

    Whether it’s the himalayan geology or regional markets for beer – as a studied geographer and bouldering enthusiast Christian Berberich looks at the world from all kind of views. Explaining the world in words is his passion. After some journalistic excursions and experiences in corporate communications at MLP AG, he is now supporting our team as a junior copywriter.

    Nastassja Spieß is a full-blooded creative, graphic designer and rockstar in the making. After an internship and several short-term assignments at mangler+noller, she now works permanently with us as a junior designer. A skilled artist and gifted creative, she also provides the agency with plenty of good tunes as lead-vocalist of Mannheim band “supernova plasmajets”.

  • from the heart 3.000 euros for children’s aid projects

    As thank you for the great commitment to our m+n Herzenssache-Aktion 2016, we supported two children’s aid projects this year. 

    3,000 euros went to the association AIDS und Kinder e.V. Baden-Württemberg and to the project Smilebox of the Bahnhofshelfer in Mannheim.

    mangler+noller Spendenübergabe Herzenssache 2016

    Natice Orhan-Daibel (initiator of the Bahnhofshelfer of Mannheim), Kerstin Gross (volunteer of the Initiative Helfender Engel) as well as Elke Adler and Karin Schlicksupp (members of the board of the AIDS und Kinder e.V) came personally to the agency to accept the checks.  

    Active support for children and families affected by AIDS
    The association AIDS und Kinder e.V, based in Heidelberg, has been a central point of contact for affected children, teenagers and their families for over 27 years. The focus of their work is the direct, unbureaucratic assistance as well as the organization of get togethers, trips and seminars for affected families.

    Age-appropriate toys for disadvantaged children
    The Smilebox is a shoe box with necessary things and toys for disadvantaged children. The boxes are distributed to various facilities such as refugee shelters and children's homes in the region. The project is organized among others by the Bahnhofshelfer Mannheim and the Initivative Helfender Engel.
    As a bearer of both initiatives serves Menschen in Not ohne Grenzen e.V.

  • herzenssache: help together. make kids happy.



    At mangler + noller, it has been a tradition for many years to donate to a children charity in need, instead of Christmas presents. 

    This year we care about what you care about. Do you know a non-profit child aid organization that you personally care about? Then support them by giving us their name on www.mn-herzenssache.de by Dec.16th. All submitted projects will be presented with pictures and text.

    From December 17th to the 22nd 2016, you and all your friends and relatives can vote for this project on www.mn-herzenssache.de. Then it just takes some luck and your project gets the m+n Christmas budget 2016.

    Also invite friends and relatives to support and vote for your submitted project. Anyone can vote, even if the didn’t submit a project of their own. 

  • welcome sick ag

    We’re delighted to welcome SICK on board as a new client. The first projects, already underway, are the development and execution of cross-media campaigns for SICK’s business units encoders and photoelectronic sensors. The international campaigns, focusing on sensor technologies for the most demanding applications, will include online and print execution as well as the creation of sales tools. In planning are the creation of videos and other materials for use at trade shows and exhibitions. 

    SICK is a world-leading manufacturer of sensors for industrial applications, which are used across the manufacturing, logistics and process automation industries. SICK sensors and sensor applications create the perfect basis for safely and efficiently controlling processes, protecting people from accidents and preventing environmental damage.



As we continue to grow, we are always interested in meeting talented and motivated people. If you believe we need you, come and convince us. To begin with, please send something tantalizing to jobs@mangler-noller.de.