Heidelberg mangler+noller

passionately alive

We live and we love what we do: B2B, strategic consulting, design, digital marketing.

Brand management and communication is relationship management. We build connections and move strategic, creative, digital, fast and reliable. Because long-term partnerships are more important to us than brief guest appearances, we maintain a very close and trust-based relationship with our customers. Together, we manage brands and develop communication that lives, inspires and captures your target audience.

Founded in 2005 by Esther Mangler and Stefan Noller, mangler+noller is an owner-managed brand communications agency in Heidelberg.


  • Esther Mangler
  • Stefan Noller
  • Ulrike Wolf
  • nastassja spieß
  • Eileen Peeters
  • Kristina Breuer
  • Simone Ruf
  • Christine Staffort
  • Tanja Weizemann
  • razvan lazar

It needs to illuminate, set the scene and inspire action. Fast. One minute we’re shooting your product, packaging or people in our own in-house studio. The next, we’re already working up the layouts


As we continue to grow, we are always interested in meeting talented and motivated people. If you believe we need you, come and convince us. To begin with, please send something tantalizing to jobs@mangler-noller.de.