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living communication / powerful communication is communication that lives: in the hearts and minds of your target group, your company and not least your agency.

  • Stefan Noller
  • Esther Mangler
  • Eileen Peeters
  • Ulrike Wolf
  • Simone Ruf
  • Tanja Weizemann
  • Christine Staffort
  • nastassja spieß
  • razvan lazar

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the future of plastics is bio-based: corporate branding for synvina

BASF and Avantium came together in the newly founded joint venture Synvina - with the aim of commercializing a new type of plastic from renewable raw materials.


a matter of the heart: a heart for young lifesavers

Rather than handing out Christmas gifts, we have for many years chosen instead to support a charitable institution or action – with a preference for projects associated with children.


welcome razvan, christian and nastassja

Razvan Lazar joins us as creative director strategy/design with 10 years of international experience at Saatchi & Saatchi Bucharest. Christian Berberich is supporting our team as a junior copywriter after some experiences in corporate communications and full-blooded creative and rockstar in the making Nastassja Spieß is working with us as a junior designer.


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